Newfoundland Soiltec Inc.

Newfoundland Soiltec Inc. (NSI) is a Newfoundland based Environmental Contracting and Remediation Company dedicated to service turn-key contracting and management of contaminated soil.

We provide a range of ‘cradle to grave’ services for decontamination, recycling, and re-use of soil contaminated by hazardous and non-hazardous substances while generating new soils for re-use, and converting the wastes into new resources.

We also provide cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions for the treatment and recycle of offshore wastes (drilling muds and cuttings), with a technology that ensures significant recovery of oil from the drilling wastes, while recycling the muds and cuttings for re-use.


Some of the Materials we are licensed to accept for Remediation include:

  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Phthalates and Chlorinated Phenols Contaminated Soil
  • Heavy Metals Contaminated Soil
  • Gasoline Contaminated Soil
  • Crude Oil Contaminated Soil
  • Diesel Fuel Contaminated Soil
  • Jet Fuel Contaminated Soil
  • Lube Oil and Hydraulic Oil Contaminated Soil
  • Kerosene Contaminated Soil
  • Waste Oil Contaminated Soil
  • Settling Pond Sludges and Bottoms