Excavation & Dredging

"Owners and operaters of some of the largest and most capable dredging equipment in Atlantic Canada"

Any Weather,
Any Time

Because of our complete approach to the remediation business, we take pride in offering clients our experience, resources and equipment for the excavation of contaminated sites under any weather conditions

SOILTEC boasts of an impressive assortment of dredging and marine  equipment  in Atlantic Canada. This enables us to undertake wharf and deep-water remediation projects at the most inaccessible marine, and isolated environments that no other environmental contractor in Atlantic Canada can perform.

Our support system includes a fleet of Sectional barges with great tonnage capacities that can mount all kind of excavators; Ocean-going barges for storage of onsite materials and equipment; all kinds of Long- reach Excavators with different capacities and buckets sizes; Tug-boats with certified bollard that can tow barges and heavy equipment to job locations; robust Cranes with lifting capacities of up to 200 tonnes; Dump-scows with up to 1000 cubic yard capacity, as well as Dredging Pumps of all kinds and capacities etc